Coronavirus information

Actual rules for travellers arriving in Poland related to Covid pandemic.

As from 28 March 2022 onwards, all restrictions on travel to Poland are lifted, which means there is no obligation to:

  • present COVID certificates when crossing the border

  • test for SARS-CoV-2

  • undergo the so-called entry quarantine

Moreover, wearing mask is not obligatory in public space.

More details can be found under the link

Covid tests:

There are several Covid testing points at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Get around the city

By public transport

The best way to get around Warsaw is by using public transport – a fast and inexpensive way to travel. You can choose among buses, trams and the metro. Tickets can be bought in ticket machines at bus stops by credit cards or cash (in PLN only) and on the bus and trams by credit cards only (no cash), as well as by mobile phone.

Ticket validation rules:

  • Tickets bought in ticket machines at bus stops must be validated immediately after boarding a bus or tram, or at the gates leading to metro platforms

  • Tickets bought in ticket machine inside the bus or trams are already validated and there is no need to validate them

  • Tickets bought by mobile phone must be validated after boarding a bus or tram by scanning QR code. The QR code is put in several places on the ceiling inside bus and tram

Useful links:

When coming by public transport from the center of Warsaw to the Symposium venue, you can get off at three different bus or tram stops:

  • Uniwersytet Medyczny 01, if you are taking eg. 175 and 128 direct bus

  • Hale Banacha 02, if you are taking eg. 7 and 9 direct tram

  • Banacha 05, if you are taking eg. 25 direct tram

By taxi

There are several taxi companies, which operate in Warsaw. You may try for example:

Taxi: Ele (recommended by the Chopin airport webpage), Sawa, Eco.

You may also use low-cost companies: Uber, Bolt, iTaxi.

Payment is usually possible both by credit cards and cash.

By bike

Veturilo Warsaw public bike rental system is available.